3 Signs to Hire a Math Tutor for Your Child

Help your student succeed and continue reading about how to recognize the signs for students who need extra support with math!

As a parent, ensuring your student feels comfortable and prepared in math class is key to their academic success. It can be tough to recognize when your student is having difficulty with math or when they may need extra math help. As an experienced math tutor in Colorado Springs, Costa Comprehensive Tutoring strives to provide unprecedented tutoring services to math students of all ages. I utilize tools and resources to help you build a solid math foundation that will help you succeed in math for years to come.

Here at Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, my number one priority is making sure students feel comfortable and confident in their math classes. I understand that math can be an intimidating subject and extremely challenging, but hiring a math tutor can improve your child’s performance substantially! So, how do you know if your student needs the individual attention of a math tutor? I’ve compiled a list of common signs your child may need math tutoring to help guide you. 

1.) Declining Math Test Scores

One of the most common signs of math struggles is slipping grades and test scores. Although grades can slip without triggering much concern, it’s still a good idea to be aware and check them occasionally. It is often an indicator of needing individual attention if the student is having ongoing difficulty without showing any improvement. If you have noticed a gradual or sudden decline in your student’s grades, take at least the last three months of their academic record into account before making any decisions. Sometimes, students just face some rough spots!  

2.) Failure To Teach Math Milestones

Math milestones are also an excellent source of reference if you are unsure about your student’s math abilities. These milestones report the standard math skills and achievements to be expected at a certain age and grade. For instance, some of the math milestones kids should have successfully passed by the end of Grade 5 include the following:

  • Using multiplication, subtraction, and division for sums of money 
  • Using multiplication, subtraction, and division for fractions 
  • Estimation and measuring abilities with area, perimeter, elapsed time, and temperature change
  • Successful calculations of probability

If your student seems to be missing a substantial amount of the milestones associated with their grade, it might be time to look for a professional math tutor who can create a personalized strategy for success. 

3.) Math Anxiety In Students

In many cases, extreme anxiety regarding math is also a signal there’s a need for tutoring services. If your student is exhibiting high levels of anxiety towards math, they are not alone! Anxiety surrounding math is extremely common in both adults and kids. In fact, 93 percent of adults in America report experiencing anxiety towards math. A student may be experiencing some levels of apprehension towards the subject if they tend to avoid or procrastinate math assignments, talk negatively about their abilities, or often express anger and frustration when solving math problems.  

Solve Your Student’s Struggles With Costa Comprehensive Tutoring  

Math can be an extremely puzzling topic to some students, and it is important they get the support they need. As a professional math tutor, I have learned that declining math scores, high anxiety levels, and missing math milestones are all excellent indicators of needing to hire a math tutor. Recognizing these common signs for trouble with math could be the difference in academic success and failure with your student. Building your student’s confidence with a solid foundation in math is my top concern here at Costa Comprehensive Tutoring. I strive to help struggling math students of all ages be successful in math. Help your student today and contact Costa Comprehensive Tutoring for the best math tutoring services online and in Colorado Springs! 

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