3 Tips for Time Management in College

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Time management can be one of the most challenging parts about college or even school in general. With numerous classes, assignments, extracurricular activities and only 24 hours in a day, it can often feel extremely overwhelming. At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, we completely recognize how demanding college courses can be, especially math related subjects. As a professional math tutor in Colorado Springs, not too long ago I was in your exact shoes, juggling multiple activities and classes at once. Time management is important to success in academic settings, especially college. Years of experience has rewarded our team here at Costa Comprehensive Tutoring the tools and knowledge to help all our students exceed expectations in all their classes by practicing stellar time management skills. For your benefit and with your success in mind, Costa Comprehensive Tutoring has created a list of the best time management tips that will ensure a decrease in stress and an increase in success. 

Set Goals and Achieve Them!

Before beginning on your tasks for school, identify what is the most pressing and set goals for yourself. It’s more than easy to get distracted by external influences such as Netflix, social media, friends and more. When you begin studying, set goals for how long and which subject you should focus on. For instance, set a goal to study math for an hour each dayThis could look like spending 30 minutes on studying economics, and 45 minutes for writing an English paper. Doing this will help you devote your absolute best to each subject while also guaranteeing a steady pace of work. Before you know it, all the schoolwork assigned will be completed!

Create an Agenda

Another time-management tip that will help tremendously with the completion of assignments is as simple as creating a to-do list or agenda. Not only can you include all of the assigned work for the week but also external tasks such as doing laundry, grocery shopping and even working out. First, identify what it is you need to get done and then prioritize each task depending on which is the most pressing or important. A task that’s due at midnight should take priority over one that is due two weeks later, likewise, an exam that’s worth 300 points should be focused on before a homework assignment that is only 10. Making a to-do list will give you a set plan for the day, week or month. Whether it be a full list for the day, or a plan for the week a to-do list will ultimately guarantee an organized approach to each task that must be completed. 

Try Sticking to a Routine! 

Routines are another tool that can be essential when establishing good time-management skills. Setting a routine can make finding time to complete certain tasks monumentally easier. For instance, if you like to go to the gym but you have classes all day,  set a couple hours aside in the morning to work out and dedicate your time to school for the rest of the day. Perhaps if you are a student athlete and are aware that you have practice in the evenings, commit yourself to complete homework tasks throughout the morning and afternoon. The more you create  routines for yourself, the faster and easier it will be to accomplish the tasks that you have set aside for that particular day. 

Contact Us for More Time Management Tips and Tricks

Time is a difficult thing to handle especially when there are so many different tasks to accomplish throughout the week. Balancing responsibilities at home, school and work can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, our number one priority will always be you. I am dedicated to making sure that you are able to succeed to the fullest extent in your academic career and time-management skills are essential to this. As a math tutor in the Colorado Springs area, time-management skills can prove to be essential when taking any type of math course. Here at Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, we will help equip you with all the time-management tools needed to accomplish A’s in all your academic courses. For more tips and tricks, contact our Colorado Springs based business today!

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