3 Tips to Overcome Math Anxiety

Do you get overly nervous about upcoming math tests? Do you dread studying your math homework or answering your instructors’ questions? If so, you are not alone! Math is an incredibly challenging subject for a lot of people. Even practiced mathematicians are stumped by the difficulty of math at times. As a professional Colorado Springs math tutor, I understand the challenges that math can bring.. At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, your anxiety about word problems, equations, measurements, calculations and more will be eased. Our mission is to help you gain the confidence to tackle any math problem that may come your way! 

Having anxiety about math is a completely normal feeling and felt by many people in every part of the world. Confusion about the subject can sometimes leave a student feeling hopeless about their chances of success in math. However, even if you do have math anxiety, succeeding is still in reach! Although having anxiety with math is a common occurrence, it’s important to prevent anxiety from getting the best of you. Confidence is always key to succeeding and overcoming any math problem assigned to you. So, how do you defeat these pesky anxious feelings towards math? Not to worry! There are many helpful tips and tricks that can reduce math anxiety and help you become the best mathematician you can be. To get you started on the road to success, I assembled three of the best tricks to help minimize anxiety towards math! 

Practice Makes Perfect  

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect! Although you may not be looking for a career in this subject, practice will certainly help in reducing any anxiety that you have about math. By running through extra questions every other day or everyday, your brain will become more accustomed to approaching math problems and the methods to successfully solve them. The repetition will make you more comfortable with problems and will result in an increase in your confidence on tests, homework and pop-quizzes. There’s less of a reason to be anxious because you have become so familiar with the process of solving that particular problem. The practice sessions you engage in don’t even have to be long, in fact, they can be as brief as a half-hour every two days. A great strategy to use is to schedule this quality time to study math throughout the week and stick to that schedule.

Believe in Yourself

One of the most important and perhaps easiest methods to reduce math anxiety is replacing negative self-talk with positive self-talk. Being frustrated towards math is completely understandable, however being confused does not mean you cannot succeed! Believing in yourself is essential to realizing your math potential and sometimes hard work is necessary to achieve the level of success you desire. Developing optimistic affirmations can be a huge help when changing your mindset towards mathematics. Instead of saying “I can’t understand this” say, “I will understand this”, replace the phrase “I am too confused to succeed in this math class” with “I will be successful in this math course”.  A positive attitude and perseverance can make all the difference!

Take Advantage of Helpful Math Resources

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget just how many resources are available for the sole purpose of helping you. Reading your textbook, watching videotapes, setting up study sessions with your instructor, friends or tutor and even taking advantage of math websites can all help boost your confidence and reduce anxiety towards math. Utilizing all the resources available will allow more familiarity of how to solve the specific problems and increase your understanding of the subject. Most of these resources are free or cost-effective and can be utilized at any time, don’t let them go to waste! These resources are here for a reason–to help you understand all the ins and outs of math problems and push you towards that A+. 

Conquer Math Anxiety Today With Costa Comprehensive Tutoring  

It is important to remember that you are not alone in fearing or having anxiety towards math. Math is a difficult but rewarding topic and oftentimes it can feel as if understanding it is impossible. However, many individuals, even the most accomplished mathematicians can struggle with feeling negative feelings towards math. These are just some of the few ways that can help extensively with reducing apprehensive feelings about this subject. Here at Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, I strive to acknowledge these feelings and help you feel confident with any math problems you don’t feel comfortable with. When you choose to work with Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, boosting your math confidence and eliminating any anxious feelings is my number one priority. Build your confidence in math and reduce those feelings of anxiety by  contacting me today

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