5 Study Habits You Can Use This Summer

Studying during the summer can be a challenge for any student. When you think of summer as a child, you think of sunshine, swimming in the pool, and giving your brain a break. However, studying over the summer can be extremely beneficial. At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, I offer year-round  in-person tutoring and online tutoring to middle school, high school, and college math students in Colorado Springs. I’m passionate about educating students on the benefits of summer tutoring, including the fact that it’s shown to decrease memory loss due to a lapse in learning. A few helpful study habits that your child can integrate into their summer routine include:

1. Use The Summer For Test Prep

If you have a big test like the ACT or SAT coming up, summer can be a great time to prepare. During the school year, it is harder to balance your normal school workload with test prep. You can start by taking an assessment to find your strengths and weaknesses, so you know what areas to focus on during your summer studies. You can also ask a tutor to help you with test prep, especially if you are unsure what needs the most improvement.

2. Hire A Tutor

Hiring a tutor is beneficial for many reasons. Whether you’ve been struggling with a specific course during the school year or want to prevent learning loss in the summer, a tutor can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you with all of your educational needs. Tutors can help create a study plan and will work with you to put that plan into practice. Tutors can also answer your questions and guide you in your studies. By hiring a tutor in the summer, you will be able to prepare for the approaching school year and set yourself up for academic success. 

3. Take Summer Classes

There are many options for summer classes, especially for high school and college students. Whether you would like to get ahead on your coursework or want to improve your study habits, summer classes are a great choice for many students. You could enroll in an elective class in the summer, such as pottery, to add some creativity to your schedule, or you can even get ahead by taking college-level classes in high school, if you qualify. 

4. Schedule A Tech-Free Day

It’s hard to get much studying done when you’re busy browsing apps and texting friends all day. In order to get some quality summer studying completed, try to schedule a tech-free day at least once a week. This helps you focus on your work and minimize digital distractions like streaming services. Too much time on the internet can have unfortunate consequences, such as increasing social anxiety or developing a habit of procrastination. Give your brain a break from the screens and schedule a day–or even just a few hours–offline. 

5. Take An Online Course

Enrolling in a summer online course is incredibly useful, especially following this past year. You can find courses in virtually any subject, some accredited and some just for fun. You can take a refresher course in a subject you struggled with, or choose to take a course in your favorite subject and get ahead for the next school year. Online courses are normally offered for free, and don’t require any sort of payment to complete the course. 

Benefits Of In-Person Or Virtual Tutoring | Costa Comprehensive Tutoring

Whether you are looking for help studying for a big math test or need help preparing for your upcoming math class, Costa Comprehensive Tutoring is here to help you succeed. As one of the premier math tutors in Colorado Springs, I understand how difficult it can be to grasp certain math concepts. From simple fractions to more complex number theories, I have the experience and knowledge to help you succeed in any area of math, at any level. If you are ready to invest in your math skills and don’t want to let summer get in the way of your educational success or good study habits, call me today and get started with a qualified math tutor.

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