7 Ways To Succeed In Math Class

The start of a new school year can often feel overwhelming. With new teachers, new friends and new classes, prepping for success is essential. At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, we strive to multiply your chances for success. We do this by offering personalized math tutoring in Colorado Springs that equips learners of all ages and levels with the knowledge and skills they need to feel confident.

Whether math is your favorite subject or least, a new math class can be intimidating. Just like with learning anything new, a positive attitude and patience is key. While becoming good at math overnight may be what you are hoping for, math is a skill that is earned through committed time and practice. Here are some essential techniques and practices that will help you succeed in your math class long term.  

1. Attend Class

In order to succeed in your math class, you must attend your math class. While this may seem obvious, we all know that skipping class is appealing every once in a while. This is especially true for students in college who are responsible for how much or how little they attend school. However, the consequences of missing class, even if it’s just a few times, can quickly add up. Math is a subject that requires upfront knowledge in order to progress. If you miss a class, you are then going to have a missing piece of information that is essential to the rest of the course. By making attendance a priority, you will be able to keep up to date on your learning, due dates, and practice.    

2. Take Detailed Notes

Taking an active approach to learning is essential in math. Math is a hands-on subject, which means that listening or reading is not enough to hone your skill. Try integrating note-taking into your math routine, whether it be during class, reading the textbook, or working through practice problems. When you are in class, write down any example problems your teacher does, and take special notice of any formulas or terms that will be useful later. Notes will come in handy as you work through your homework or study for a test. If you have trouble with a problem, make a note of what you don’t understand and try asking about it next class.       

3. Read The Textbook

Textbooks often serve as dust collectors rather than instruments of learning. Though they are overlooked, textbooks offer the chance for success for many students. Learning is done best when it’s offered through several avenues. By pairing visual, audible, and written learning together, you are guaranteeing your success. Try splitting your assigned textbook readings into several sessions to avoid fatigue. Make sure to take notes and review before your next class.    

4. Complete All Assigned Homework 

Skipping a few assigned math problems may not seem imperative to your success, but it can make the difference between struggling through or acing your next test. Checking your knowledge through homework problems will cement your understanding of the topic and reveal any areas that you need more help in.    

5. Study For Math Tests and Quizzes 

It can be hard to know where to start when preparing for a test or quiz in your math class. Many students opt for cramming before a test by attempting to memorize a bunch of knowledge within a short span. However, studies have shown that this is one of the least effective ways to successfully prepare for a test or quiz. Instead, try to integrate studying into your weekly routine, even if you don’t have a test or quiz coming up. This way, when you do have one, you will already be prepared while avoiding the stress of cramming and a bad grade. 

6. Utilize Office Hours

Teachers want their students to succeed, which is why they offer office hours. Learning in a large classroom isn’t for everyone, and sometimes receiving help one-on-one is the boost needed to work through a difficult problem or understand a complex concept. If you need help, your teacher is a great resource.

7. Hire A Math Tutor 

Whether you are falling behind in your math class or want to proactively stop that from happening, hiring a math tutor will greatly help you succeed. Personalized math tutoring will ensure that you acquire the foundational and applicable principles needed to help you feel confident when you walk into your math class. From working through practice problems to studying for tests, tutoring can make math less scary, and maybe even enjoyable.   

Excel In Math With Costa Comprehensive Tutoring

At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, we are committed to helping students not only succeed, but excel in math. By transforming the negative relationship many students have with math into a positive and fun experience, dread can turn into confidence. Our partnership in learning means that you will have a safe space to foster your knowledge and grow your skills. Ready to excel? Contact us today!  

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