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Meet Your Math Tutor

Hello! I am Jimmy Costa, the founder of Costa Comprehensive Tutoring. I built my company to nurture my passion for mathematics and assisting students who I was much like.

To most people’s surprise, I was a student who despised all aspects of math until I was nearly a highschool graduate. I fell into that group of kids who enjoyed hating math. Little did I know where life would have ultimately taken me.

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It was my senior year of high school. I was in the worst math class ever…College Algebra. I was taking an exam, in which I had no idea what I was doing, but I was simply trying my best and hoping that I could get out of there so I could go home. I got to one problem involving transformations of exponential functions. I stared at it puzzlingly for a moment when suddenly I had a revelation of how to do this problem. So, I proudly strutted my 10 second old mastery of the concept, turned in the test, and went home. During the next few days, I started realizing that another, more subtle, revelation was lurking in the background. During that test, I finally understood why there existed this strange set of human beings who claimed they ‘liked math’.

These people to me, who had previously seemed to be composed of unrelatable aliens, now seemed relatable. “Do I like math?!” I thought, feeling a strange existential sensation. My entire high school life, it became a part of my identity to tout the fact that not only that I was bad at math, but I hated it. To question this underlying part of myself was strange. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop thinking about the eureka moment and how it made me feel. 

Years later I slowly learned those moments are the driving force behind many aspiring mathematicians. The feeling of finally getting something, taking it, and relating it back to previous knowledge. I strive to provide my students that same feeling of discovery and achievement.


Personalized Tutoring

Math is different for everyone, so the content and teaching methods will be altered to your learning style and needs.

Flexible Scheduling

Life gets busy, so I provide in-person and online sessions that you can schedule for a time that fits into your week.

Affordable Sessions

I believe math comprehension should be an opportunity for every individual, which is why affordability is a priority.


You can choose between 60 minute, 2 hour, and 90 minute sessions.

Yes. We offer free 15-minute virtual consultations via Zoom. During this, we’ll discuss your goals and how a typical session runs.

Up to you! We know everyone has a different learning style so one format may work better for you that the other.

Whether the session is in-person or online, you should always bring the materials you need to accomplish your goal. This can look like an assignment, notes and a pencil, and any questions you may have.

For online sessions, you need to have a computer or tablet, access to WiFi, and the Zoom application downloaded on your device. You will receive an email before your session with the Zoom link.


Don’t wait to get help on a math course, an assignment, or upcoming test. Schedule a tutoring session today to ensure you or your student can conquer the next math obstacle with confidence.

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