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Many students struggle with Calculus I because the topics are foreign, abstract, and require lots of consistent practice to master. Struggling with a school subject can leave you feeling discouraged and frustrated with your calculus class. It can be impossible to focus in class when you find yourself not understanding problems, and you may feel embarrassed asking for help. If you feel like this about your Calculus I class, you are not alone! Many students struggle with calculus, but with a bit of help and practice, you can learn to feel confident in your ability to solve Calculus I problems quickly.

With calculus tutoring services from Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, Calculus I does not have to be difficult. As a private math tutor in Colorado Springs, I work with students to develop the skills needed to make calculus an approachable subject. My goal is to make students confident in their math abilities. I understand that to be self-sufficient in math class, you need a math tutor that will cater to your preferred learning technique. As a math tutor, I provide personalized Calculus I tutoring sessions that cater to your learning style so you excel in your Calculus I class.

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Calculus is the study of change. The subject primarily involves looking at functions and limits. In your Calculus I class, you will examine limits, continuity, derivatives, functions, integrals, and differential equations. Your Calculus I class will create a foundation for your higher level math classes, such as Calculus II and III.


That I Can Help With As Your Math Tutor

Calculus I delves into the rates of change of a function, limit and consequential limit laws, continuity, derivatives, differentiation, and antiderivatives. By succeeding in your Calculus I class, you will be better prepared to do well in higher level math courses. Additional types of topics students will see in Calculus I classes include:

The limit of a function

  • Calculating
  • Defining continuity

The derivative

  • Rates of change
  • The derivative as a function
  • Basic differentiation formulas
  • The product rule
  • The chain rule
  • Implicit differentiation
  • Relates rates
  • Linear approximations and differentials

The derivatives of inverse functions

  • Exponential functions
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Inverse functions definition and refreshment
  • Growth and decay
  • Inverse trigonometric functions
  • Hyperbolic functions
  • Indeterminate forms and L'Hospital's rule

Applications of the derivative

  • Maximum and minimum values
  • The mean value theorem
  • Derivatives and the shapes of graphs
  • Curve sketching
  • Optimization problems
  • Newton’s method
  • Antidervatives


  • Areas and distances
  • The definite integral
  • Evaluating definite integral
  • The fundamental theorem of calculus
  • The substitution rule


Your calculus class should not feel overwhelming or impossible. With math tutoring sessions from Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, you will learn the skills you need to succeed in your Calculus I class and feel confident in your math abilities. I will strengthen your calculus knowledge by providing you with personalized Calculus I tutoring sessions catered to your learning style. Math can be very challenging for many students, but with Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, calculus no longer has to be a struggle.

Whether you want to pass your calculus class, ace the next exam, or build up your understanding of calculus for future courses, I am here to help you do well in your math class. I know how daunting math can feel and use my knowledge of calculus and my understanding of learning styles to ensure you succeed in your math course. Whatever your goals are for your Calculus I class, Costa Comprehensive Tutoring will provide you with personalized math tutoring services to make sure you can solve any calculus problem.


To be successful in your Calculus I class, you need consistent practice. It is essential to have regular math tutoring sessions to help you reach your goals. At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, I offer thorough, comprehensive, and value-filled Calculus I tutoring services across southern Colorado. I strive to provide students with the highest quality tutoring sessions at an affordable rate so they can have the resources to excel.

I offer three math tutoring subscriptions to help students succeed. These value-packed subscriptions have a set number of sessions each month so that you can have consistent access to math support. Other benefits of a math tutoring subscription from Costa Comprehensive Tutoring include:


Calculus I can be a challenging topic, and many students struggle with understanding the topic completely. If your calculus class feels daunting, know you are not alone. With affordable and personalized Calculus I tutoring services from Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, we can work together to strengthen your math skills to take the frustration out of calculus. I have extensive experience working with students across southern Colorado to provide them with the necessary tools to excel in math courses. 

With my flexible scheduling, 24/7 math support, and customized math help, we can identify the areas where you are struggling, work to hone in on your calculus skills, and achieve your math goals. If you are struggling in calculus but are ready for a change, contact Costa Comprehensive Tutoring to take your first step toward success in Calculus I!