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Calculus II can be very challenging and seem impossible to comprehend for many students. With its abstract topics and equations, Calculus II requires extensive attention and practice to master. In addition, the fast-paced program of Calculus II can leave students feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and cause them to fall behind in the course. If you find yourself struggling in Calculus II, you are not alone! Calculus II is one of the most challenging courses to comprehend, but you can succeed in your Calculus II course with practice and professional tutoring.

With math tutoring services from Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, Calculus II does not need to be complicated. As a private math tutor in Colorado Springs, I work with students to make them feel confident in their math skills. I am passionate about helping students succeed in their math courses, and with my personalized tutoring sessions catered to your learning style, you’ll conquer Calculus II!

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What is Calculus II?

Calculus II is similar to Calculus I, but the most significant difference is that it explores topics more thoroughly. When you start Calculus II, you need to have a solid foundation of derivatives and basic knowledge about integrals. Your Calculus II course will bridge your Calculus I and Calculus III courses.


That I Can Help With As Your Math Tutor

Calculus II delves into everything you learned previously in Calculus I, but in a detailed way while also introducing new topics. You will learn how to conquer integration techniques, infinite sequences, and topics that will prepare you for Calculus III. Additional topics covered in Calculus II include:

Review of the Applications of the Derivative

  • Maximum And Minimum Values
  • The Mean Value Theorem
  • Derivatives And The Shape Of The Graphs
  • Curve Sketching
  • Optimization Problems
  • Newton’s Method
  • Antiderivatives


  • Integration Using Partial Fractions
  • Integration By Parts
  • Improper Integrals
  • Trig Substitution
  • Advanced Trigonometric Integration

Application of Integrals

  • Area Between Curves
  • Finding Volume
  • Solids of Revolution
  • Particle Motion

Parametric & Vector Functions

  • Slope And Arc Length
  • Particle Motion
  • Horizontal And Vertical Tangents

Sequences & Series

  • Convergence And Divergence Of Infinite Series
  • Radius And Interval Of Convergence

Online Math Tutoring for Calculus II

Your Calculus II class should not feel impossible. My mission at Costa Comprehensive Tutoring is to make students feel confident and self-sufficient in math. Personalized tutoring sessions help strengthen your math abilities and help you comprehend Calculus II. Advanced math courses are challenging, but Costa Comprehensive Tutoring is here to help take the weight off your shoulders.

Whether you want to ace your next Calculus II test or build your knowledge and understanding of advanced topics in math, I am here to help you reach your goals. As a virtual math tutor, I know how overwhelming Calculus II can be for students, and my priority is to make the course as understandable as possible for you. Whatever your goals are for your Calculus II class, Costa Comprehensive Tutoring will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


When practicing math, you have to be consistent to comprehend the material thoroughly. That is why it is vital to have regular math tutoring sessions. At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, I provide comprehensive, thorough, and value-filled tutoring across Colorado Springs to ensure each student is successful in their math courses. 

I offer many tutoring subscriptions geared toward how much help students need. These thorough tutoring subscriptions have a set number of sessions each month, so you can be consistent with practicing your math skills and are set up for success. Some other valuable assets of investing in a tutoring subscription include:

Excel in Calculus II with Costa Comprehensive Tutoring

With customized math tutoring services from Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, we will work through the stress and frustration of Calculus II to help you become confident and successful in your math course. As a math tutor in Colorado Springs, I will examine where you are struggling and give you personalized worksheets and math problems to help you overcome math difficulties. In addition, I will optimize our time together by integrating value-filled tutoring sessions to fit your learning style. So, if you are ready to succeed in your Calculus II course, contact Costa Comprehensive Tutoring today!