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Calculus III is a fundamental math course designed to take your knowledge of calculus to the next level. This class works to expand on your calculus skills from Calculus I and Calculus II. As a continuation of the calculus course series, students will need to have a strong understanding of previous calculus courses to be successful in Calculus III. If you have struggled with topics in calculus in the past, or you are currently finding your Calculus III course challenging, you may be feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, or stressed to be enrolled in your Calculus III class. However, know that you are not alone; many students struggle with calculus topics! That is why at Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, my Calculus III tutoring services are designed with your success in mind.

At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, my goal is to make calculus approachable. Calculus III is not easy, but my 1:1 tutoring sessions are set up to cater to your learning style so you can feel confident in your calculus abilities. As a private math tutor in Colorado Springs, I work with students to develop the skills necessary for success. I will identify the areas where you are struggling, and we will work together to build upon your math skills so you can achieve your math goals. Whether you want to ace your next exam, pass your Calculus III class, or just strengthen your calculus knowledge, my personalized Calculus III tutoring services will help you excel in your math course!

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What is Calculus III?

Students enrolled in Calculus III will look at similar concepts explored in Calculus I but in a multidimensional manner.

For example, vectors, parametric curves, planes, and lines are introduced where partial differentiation and integration using multiple integrals are wielded to investigate these objects, like critical points and volume. Students will also examine cylindrical and spherical coordinates to calculate specific integrals. Finally, the course concludes with theorems used to calculate various objects in the study of vector calculus.


That I Can Help With As Your Math Tutor

Your Calculus III class will reframe concepts learned in previous courses. This is why it is essential to have a strong calculus background to be successful in your Calculus III class. The main difference between your Calculus III course versus Calculus I or Calculus II is the emphasis on multivariable calculus. Topics will include:

Functions of Several Variables

Limits, Continuity, The Partial Derivative, Tangent Planes and Linear Approximation, The Chain Rule, Direction Derivatives and the Gradient Vector, Maximum and Minimum Values, Lagrange Multipliers

Multiple Integrals

Double Integrals, Triple Integrals, Change of Variables

Vector Calculus

Vector Fields, Line Integrals, The Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals, Green’s Theorem, Curl and Divergence, Parametric Surfaces and Their Areas, Surface Integrals, Stokes’ Theorem, The Divergence Theorem

Online Math Tutoring for Calculus III

Your Calculus III class should not feel impossible! My goal at Costa Comprehensive Tutoring is to give students the resources they need to succeed in their calculus classes. As a calculus tutor, I have worked with countless students who struggle with these topics. You are not alone in your math challenges, but with a little patience and practice, I am here to help you understand Calculus III.

At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, I offer Calculus III online tutoring services so you can get your questions answered even if you are not in person. Regardless of your math goals, my personalized tutoring services will help you excel. We will work to strengthen your calculus skills so you can feel confident in your ability to solve Calculus III problems!


It is not uncommon for students to struggle with math. Often math courses are fast-paced, and students may feel overwhelmed with the amount of material. It can also be embarrassing to ask questions in class, or you may not even know what to ask. As an online math tutor in Colorado Springs, I understand that each student learns calculus differently. We all have our unique learning styles and approaches to problems. 

I am committed to setting students up for success, which is why my personalized tutoring services are catered to you. Math can be an overwhelming subject to learn. Together, we will discuss your goals for your Calculus III class, hone in on challenging or confusing topics, and work to strengthen your calculus skills. With Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, you will feel confident in your ability to succeed in your Calculus III course!

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Your Calculus III course does not have to feel impossible! With my personalized Calculus III tutoring services, we will work together to expand your understanding of calculus and reinforce challenging concepts in a way that makes sense to you. As a private tutor serving Colorado Springs, I am passionate about setting up students for self-sufficiency. 

I will work with your learning style to ensure you develop the skills to meet your math goals. No matter if you want to pass your Calculus III class with an A, or you are struggling to learn new material, Costa Comprehensive Tutoring is here to be an integral part to your success. If you are ready to excel in your Calculus III course, contact Costa Comprehensive Tutoring to get started!