Debunking Common Math Tutoring Myths

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Math is one of those subjects that people either love or hate. As such, many math myths and misconceptions spread easily. Rather than focusing on honing their math skills via math tutoring, many people use this information as a reason to avoid it altogether.    

As a Colorado Springs math tutor, I strive to help people tackle equations, subjects, and problems that they struggle with. Understanding how these math tutoring myths have affected their perception is key to helping them generate personalized math skills.  

Myth 1: Only young children require a math tutor

Absolutely false! Tutoring is beneficial for any student, regardless of age. As students age, so does the difficulty of the different math classes they encounter. Each new math class comes with unique challenges that require comprehensive math study skills. Developing a healthy relationship with math tutoring can happen just as easily in college as it can in middle school. 

Myth 2: Tutoring for math takes too long

Incorrect! Like any form of training, math takes time to build up in skill level. Learning new material and equations happens over time, not in an instant. However, it does not mean that students will require tutoring for years. Most proficient tutors want to help students build up their self-sufficiency with homework habits and math study skills. 

Myth 3: Only struggling students need math tutors

This is a common misconception! Math tutors help students hone all the facets required for academic success. Even students who perform well might need help improving their math study habits or figuring out the best way to take notes. Many of these crucial skills translate to other courses, like science, that require math proficiency.

Myth 4: There is no need for math tutoring over summer vacation

Wrong! When muscles are neglected, they lose valuable progress. This is the same for mathematical skills; the less they are utilized, the more inefficient they become. Attending tutoring sessions during summer break keeps those key abilities active. This results in sharper, more focused retention for the upcoming semester. 

Myth 5: Not every student will benefit from math tutoring

Inaccurate! As students take more and more math courses, they will encounter new equations, topics, and concepts. Everybody learns differently, and what worked for one math course may not work for another. This is where personalized math tutoring sessions can help all kinds of students. A good tutor will build a targeted learning strategy for each of their students. 

Myth 6: There is not enough time for math tutoring in a students schedule

This is untrue! Students are very busy, but tutoring sessions are highly focused to save time. In most cases, students only need a few sessions a week to reap all of the benefits. The biggest part of tutoring is consistency, not duration. Attending weekly sessions and implementing their learned skills saves time on homework and studying. Plus, there are flexible online math tutoring services available as well.  

Myth 7: Math tutoring is all a student needs to be successful

Wrong again! Tutoring is just one of the qualities that help students succeed. Every facet of comprehension that a student needs is critical to success. Even when attending additional sessions, a student still needs to study, practice, complete homework, and review their work. Tutoring certainly helps strengthen these skills, but it is not the only component of a thriving student. 

Building Success with Every Session | Costa Comprehensive Tutoring

As a math tutor in Colorado Springs, I help students build essential math skills while constructing a strong foundation of study habits. My goal is to help students become self-sufficient while debunking math tutoring myths. These misconceptions often restrict a student’s ability to embrace tutoring wholeheartedly. If you are a student who is struggling with your math classes, book your session today to start improving today!

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