Online Math Resources for Middle School Students

Middle school is an period in a student’s academic career that is full of transitional moments. Math courses and homework that comes with them become more prominent, which means having accessible learning resources is essential.

As a math tutor in Colorado Springs, we are committed to ensuring parents and students have the necessary tools to approach math with confidence. These online math websites are the perfect resources to tackle those math concepts, build a foundation of knowledge, and accomplish their goals. 


Khan Academy is a great resource with content created by experts that students can learn at their own pace. Students can learn and reinforce math concepts by watching videos, practicing problems, and taking quizzes. Khan Academy motivates students by allocating “mastery points” for completed sections.

BrainPOP provides many math resources for various topics, including numbers and operations, practical math, and ratios, proportions, and percents. Within each of these modules, students have access to videos, worksheets, challenges, games, quizzes and more.

Quizlet is a fantastic resource for students that are studying for a test. On Quizlet, students can create flashcards to study math terminology or practice math problems. There are a few different options on how the student can study those flashcards. Quizlet has five study functions: flashcards, learn, write, spell, and test. There are also the two play options: match and gravity. Quizlet can be accessed online, as well as on the app that can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Prodigy is a great resource to reinforce math concepts your student learns in class. The best part is you likely won’t have to convince your child to spend some time on Prodigy. Instead, your child will be asking you if they can play. Prodigy does a great job of balancing work with fun. Your child can have fun “playing” and you can rest assured that your child is learning along the way.

Need Help with Middle School Math?

These four online math resources are great for studying and solidifying concepts, but sometimes, more help is needed. With affordable face-to-face tutoring sessions, Costa Comprehensive Tutoring could be the final piece to solving the equation. Reach out today with any questions or book a session.