Math Tutoring: Online vs. In-Person

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During these unprecedented times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I can relate to how students feel when transitioning from in-person classes to online classes. It can be overwhelming, stressful, and a bit chaotic when juggling all of your classes, now online. As a local math tutoring business in Colorado Springs, I strive to make my students feel at ease by offering a flexible tutoring schedule in addition to both online and in-person tutoring sessions.

At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, my goal is to make you feel confident in the math subject that you are currently learning at an affordable tutoring cost. Being once a student myself, I can relate to where the student is coming from when they need one-on-one guidance to help master their math problems. That is why I want to assist you with the decision making process of choosing a tutor that is either online or in-person to best fit your needs tailored to subject tutoring.

Is Online Math Tutoring Right For You?

With the drastic changes of the ongoing pandemic, many students are finding innovative ways to receive the help they need while remaining safe at home. Some students are even finding it easier than ever to hop onto a virtual meeting with their tutor to ask questions pertaining to the subject they are learning. That is why online tutoring can assist any student with the ability to feel heard and receive the assistance they need, but in a safe and flexible manner. 

5 Benefits of an Online Math Tutoring Session

Listed below, I came up with five reasons why I assertively believe that online tutoring is the new wave of the future and should be implemented more now than ever:

  1. The flexibility of scheduling an online tutoring session that fits with any student’s schedule.
  2. Allows the student to receive assistance in a quick and easy manner with the use of technology.
  3. Receive live feedback from your math tutor at the touch of a button.
  4. Access to visual representations of solving a math problem given by your math tutor through online whiteboards.
  5. The convenience of receiving assistance in the comfort of your home. 

Online Math Tutoring Is The Best Way To Go

Once again, there are many great benefits and conveniences to having an online math tutor. Simply because the student is able to communicate with their tutor about any concerns that arise in their math class. This also allows the student to receive instant feedback or suggestions pertaining to their subject of study.

Online math tutoring is the best way to go if a student is needing that quick and easy to understand assistance from their online math tutor. With the use of technology to navigate homework problems or to explain a comprehensive math question, students are finding this option great to fit into their tight academic schedule as well.

Is In-Person Math Tutoring The Best Choice For You?

On the flip side of things, in-person tutoring is the best option for some students. Students may prefer this style of learning more since it is easier for them to obtain the skills the tutor is providing them with. In addition, it provides the student with a sense of comfort to interact with someone face-to-face rather than a virtual interaction. But either way this style of learning is just as effective.

5 Benefits of an In-Person Math Tutoring Session

Below I have listed a five reasons why I believe that in-person tutoring is beneficial to students: 

  1. Allows both the student and tutor to develop a connection.
  2. Requires less technology and more hands on math learning.
  3. Easier to focus when receiving assistance from your math tutor face-to-face.
  4. Flexible scheduling to set up your in-person math tutoring session at a coffee shop, library, or even at-home with the correct COVID-19 precautions in place.
  5. The math tutor is able to see your strengths and weaknesses with the material you are struggling to understand.

In-Person Math Tutoring Is The Best Way To Go

In general, in-person tutoring is wonderful for any student who is more of a hands on learner. It is even great for the math tutor as well since they are able to assist the student with the skills they need to make a math problem more approachable to navigate with the use of a whiteboard or scratch piece of paper.

A student who prefers this method of tutoring is definitely able to retain the information more and apply it to a future math exam. In-person tutoring is the best way to go if a student is needing a place to focus on the subject they are learning and receive immediate feedback on both their strengths and weaknesses from their math tutor.

Your Style of Learning Matters To Us At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring

It is important to choose a math tutoring style that works best for you and your student. That is why we have broken down the benefits of both online and in-person tutoring, so you can choose the best option that fits your needs and goals.

Being a local Colorado Springs math tutor, I provide a variety of math tutoring subscription packages that include homework help, appointment scheduling privileges, tailored practice worksheets, 24/7 math support, and much more. I also am able to provide you with comfort and skills to ace your next math exam or help break-down a homework problem for you in an easy to understand format. Book a session with us today!

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