Math Tutoring Services

Math Tutoring By Grade, Goal, & Subject

Math doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle. Costa Comprehensive Tutoring wants to take the fear and frustration out of math. The fear of failing. The frustration of never being able to fully understand a math concept. The intimidation of asking questions when a task seems impossible.

At Costa Comprehensive Tutoring, I strive to make math approachable. That is why I offer math tutoring for high school and college students. If you’re looking for flexible and affordable private math tutoring in Colorado Springs, you’ve come to the right place. As a virtual math tutor, I  provide both in-person and online tutoring to students across the country. So, whether you’re looking to improve your comprehension of specific math concepts, learn some studying tips and tricks with finals approaching, or want to prep for a math placement test, Costa Comprehensive Tutoring can help.

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Monthly Math Tutoring Subscriptions

Like a lot of things in life, math gets easier the more you practice. This is why we have created monthly math tutoring subscriptions, so students have access to consistent, intentional math help. There are three different subscription levels, each packed full of additional value and benefits that are not part of a traditional tutoring session.


Overall Comprehension

Need a boost? Get the help you need to ensure your understanding of the math you need to know.

Homework Help

Don't let a certain assignment hold you back. Ask questions and be sure you'll know how to apply the skill later on.

Test Taking Skills

Learn the tips and tricks that can make tests less stressful.

Math Placement Tests

Hone in on the math concepts and skills you need to feel confident taking your math placement test.

Math Class Note Taking Skills

Learn how to take efficient and helpful notes for your math class.


It’s not uncommon to come across a certain type of math that stumps you. Although this can be frustrating, once you notice where you are struggling, it becomes easier to identify what to focus on to improve your skills. Costa Comprehensive Tutoring can help you hone in on that subject and ensure you can feel confident in finding a solution.


With each tutoring session, I believe in providing an approachable learning environment that is affordable for every student. I know that everyone’s needs are different, and fitting a session into your schedule can be a challenge, so valuing your time is of utmost importance. Your session is completely customizable, and together, we will establish strategies that will take your math skills to the next level.